Building Principled & Ethical Young Leaders

The Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge is an educational program designed to give high school students the opportunity to learn about free enterprise and leadership through yearly summer camps and workshops. Our mission is to educate students about entrepreneurship, the differences between capitalism and socialism, free market economics, personal responsibility, principled leadership, and corporate/personal philanthropy. 

What do students learn?

Students who participate in our program learn principled leadership skills, understand critical free enterprise principles, and experience firsthand what it takes to run a successful business. Over a five day period campers increase their academic competitiveness with fun, interactive games, and engaging breakout sessions.

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how do we do it?

Activities and lessons are designed for students to create a meaningful practical application. Engaging group sessions allow students to participate in a variety of interactive lessons. Each activity has a purpose and a greater application. Students also meet face-to-face with influential business leaders like Karen Woods, a former welfare recipient who became a successful small business owner.

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learning by doing

A company competition is the core activity of the week. In small groups, students form companies to provide actual services and products for other members of the camp. Using real currency, companies borrow from the FELC bank to get started and are expected to turn a profit by the end of the program. With guided instruction, students work together to create business and marketing plans, commercials, pay taxes and maintain accounting records.